Project Management

Oltre 15 anni di esperienza nella gestione di progetti e team internazionali attraverso l’utilizzo di strumenti e metodologie di Enterprise Project Management (Microsoft Project Server, CA PPM, PMI, PRINCE2, ITIL, Extreme PM)

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Realizzazione di corsi multipiattaforma con tecniche di comunicazione persuasiva, storytelling e gamification. Installazione e setup di Piattaforme per l’apprendimento a distanza (Learning Management System)

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Web Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies, Sales Funnel Design, Video Marketing, Digital Advertising e SEO

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Program e Project Management in contesti nazionali e internazionali


Progettazione e realizzazione di Corsi e Piattaforme di apprendimento Online.


Realizzazione di Web Marketing Plan e percorsi di Brand Positioning su Web e sui Social


I worked a lot with Mauro and there is no doubt he is one of the best top class professionals I ever worked with. I have appreciated both his outstanding professional capabilities and politeness in personal relationship.

Roberto Cardoni

Cloud Solution Architect

“Mauro is an extremely talented professional with both high technical and personal skills. As a senior Project Manager he’s able to cope and lead challenging situations where all his human strength comes out. Working with Mauro means having as a counterpart a fare, prepared and result oriented Manager and having success guaranteed.”

Riccardo Fiano

Sales Director

“Mauro è un Project Manager scrupoloso, preciso nel fornire dettagli, attento nel mantenere sotto controllo i costi ,costantemente orientato al raggiungimento dell’obbiettivo / risultato finale e sempre disponibile a dare spiegazioni esaurienti sull’andamento dell’attività di delivery. In poche parole : affidabile, efficiente ed efficace. E’ stato un vero piacere lavorare con lui.”

Maria Cristina Rosso

Professional Service Controller, Oracle

“Mauro è un professionista serio che ha molta esperienza nel suo settore, sempre propenso ad aggiornarsi per offrire il meglio ai suoi clienti, ha ottime capacità relazionali e riesce a coinvolgere nei suoi progetti persone di alto profilo professionale. Dal 2014 si è dedicato a tempo pieno alle strategie di business legate al Web, sviluppando diversi progetti per la vendita di corsi online chiari e semplici da seguire, promuovendoli con le opportune delle strategie persuasive.”

Vito Mastrototaro

Consulente Marketing ,

Mauro’s reputation in the industry speaks for itself. He’s simply the best project manager I had the pleasure to work with.

Ivan Zoccolan

Escalation Manager

Маuro is an extremely reliable and a tireless worker. I’ve had great experiences working with him and I hope to have more. In addition, his range of interests outside work environment make more pleasant to work with him: also a break becomes very interesting!

Emanuele Agresti

Project Manager

Ho lavorato con Mauro in più occasioni, ed è stato sempre un piacere, nonostante le situazioni lavorative non fossero proprio eccelse. A parte che è un bravo PM a cui piace il suo lavoro, etc etc, segnalo che Mauro è proprio una persona in gamba 🙂

Francesco Lecca

Senior Security Specialist, The Hague Area, Netherlands

Mauro is an excellent resource to work with, from a personal and a professional point of view.
I worked with Mauro on several projects that required big efforts in short time and he performed very well. Able to work in team and to carry all his experience and competences to project and collegues. Flexible and highly skilled, he always reaches a good feeling with clients. Very good in managing a team.

Guido Benfante

Experience Executive, Independent Executive Professional

great team builder
very cooperative
very empathetic
excellent relationship

Anna Manzi

Account Director, CA Technologies

I wish to endorse a friend and colleague for over 10 years. I have always found him dependable, punctual and efficient. He is excellent in whatever work he takes up. His willingness to take up tough projects and focusing on the completion has amazed me since years. He has excellent leadership qualities. He solves conflicts with ease and handles difficult situation tactfully.

Marco Ciambra

Principal Engineer

I worked with Mauro for many years and I can say that he is a great and serious professional in his work. Working with Mauro has always given me the security to complete a good job, always getting full customer satisfaction.

Stefano Vigneri

Unix System Administrator

Mauro has always been a very professional collegue with strong relantionship skills and with a solid technical background. I’ve seen him manage very complex and difficult situations in efficient and successful way. Customers were always happy about him and his work.
Also in the team, he has been a relevant person with the capacity to go in deep and he has had very good relationship with everybody.
Mauro has always been somebody who you can count on and moreover he is a very nice and kind person!

Imma Zaccone

Service Solution Architect

I worked with Mauro for three years in TIM. He was my project manager and he always helped and protected me and the other guys my group. I just can recommend Mauro because he is a good PM and a very good guy.

Paolo Ercolani

ICT Governance, Postel S.p.A.

I had the opportunity and the chance to work with Mauro for several years and I strong recommend him because of his professional liability and integrity, deep knowledge ICT environment and ability to establish good relatioship with customers and collegues. He’s an high level project manager.

Riccardo Castellana

HW Pre-Sales Manager, Oracle

I had the opportunity to work with Mauro and I must say it was a great experience, he is meticulous and efficient and has great ability to synthesize a great professional!

Stefano Antonini

Senior Field Engineer

Mauro has a very creative mind with positive attitude and full of energy pursuing his projects objectives. He is respectful, directive and open mind communicator.
He gives his best in prof services account and project managing. Without no doubt he is one of the best top class professionals I’ve ever known on his field

Giuseppe Deiana

CS Director, Sun Microsystems

Mauro is one of the best project manager I saw working. He’s always keen to customer needs and, at the same time, caring about the bottom-line of the company. His ability in creating a relationship with the customer makes him a real boon in sales activities. Overall, strongly recommended.

Giacomo Tufano

Managing Director, Blu-Crab Srl

During my live in Sun Microsystems I ‘ve had the pleasure to work with Mauro many times both in proposal and in delivery phase. Mauro in every case has showed his high professionality, demonstrating an high committment versus the Company and the Customer. Mauro is a very collaborative people and for me was a great pleasure to work with him.

Roberto Fabrizi

ICT Director, KVK

Mauro has been a very good colleague. He was able to manage complex deals with customers, successfully reaching all the objectives

Giampiero Paolillo

Principal Technical Account Manager

During my career at Sun Microsystem I had the opportunity to work with Mauro several times. Working with Mauro has always been a pleasure, because he is able to conjugate business acumen, human relations, commitment and ability to work in team. He is also a great percussion player with a strong list of recorded disks with several bands. For this reason he is strongly capable to impose the right rhythm in order to close a project according to its GANTT.

Giuseppe Russo

CTO and, KVK

Mauro is an excellent Senior Project Manager with high technical and personal skills. He has got a lot of experience in big and very complex projects.

Maurizio Pagni


Mauro is a great colleague, cooperative, assertive and competent in his role as Project Manager. Really a person with whom you feel comfortable at work and outside work.

Francesco Cerra

Principal Customer Success Manager

Mauro is very professional project manager, with a strong balance of customer insights and focus on delivery. He has proved to be very reliable in difficult contexts, and inspired loyalty to keep the focus on adding value by delivering on time the projects and to managing project issues and customer relationship

Carmelo Cali

Project Manager

I used to work with Mauro for many years, first when he was an engineer and then when he was a Project Manager.
In both cases I had the chance to see his high technical skills and his deep involvement in managing a project, expecially under critical situation and with demanding customer.

Giorgio Serafini

Principal Customer Success Manager, Principal Support Engineer

Mauro is a very reliable person always making accurate and valuable jobs. I worked several times with him at the same bid and we were often successfully. He has the ability to immediately understand the general picture of a bid and to arrange the right service proposal addressing at the best the customer requirements and expectations. A person you really can count on.

Ruggero Caronti

Bid Manager

Mauro is a very positive and technical skilled oriented person;
very communicative and productive.
I really appreciate the professional way he always works.

Simone Formica

Principal Support Engineer

I had the opportunity to help Mauro in a complex project. He demonstrated high professionalism, managing people and customer relationship without losing sight of the strategic objectives.

Massimo Bianchi

Project Manager

A very valuable project manager and a very nice person to work with. Absolutely reccomended

Giuseppe Daniele Gambera

Principal Support Engineer

I’ve been working with Mauro for more or less 10 years, and he’s one of the best professionals I’ve ever met. Extremely precise, correct and dedicated to his job, he’s also a very good person and it has always been a pleasure working with him !

Gilberto Persico

Unix and Network GURU

Mauro was Project Manager for a few customers in National Security environment, managing some of the most important projects Sun’s had in this field when I had the pleasure to work with him.
I have to underlined that most of the successes earned in that period were just the natural development of Mauro’s commitment and presence in the field, because his availability and knowledge of each kind of aspect of technology, security and IT infrastructure ,together with Sun solutions and commitment, were one of the most important success factors that allows the sales to have credibility and customers intimacy.

Paolo Lanternari

Account Manager

I’ve worked with Mauro on many projects. He has strong project management competences, and he showed dedication and leadership. His love for percussion instruments is an added value. Simple the best!

Domenico Catalano

Principal Sales Consultant

Mauro has always shown a high level of professionality in managing important project implementations . He is a great worker with an open mind. Andrea

Andrea Marcelli

Account Manager

I been working together with Mauro on many projects. Mauro is keen to work on tough project and in many cases he has found solutions to best fit customers needs and providers needs. In many cases he has worked on projects where international partners and providers where involved, in this cases Mauro has shown the right balance to tackle and achieve proposed solutions.

Domenico Minchella

Security Ambassador

Mauro is very professional worker, and is very good person.
I’ve worked with him in a lot projects without problems;
I’m proud to knew him and worked together.

Massimo Proietti

Senior Field Engineer